It’s gettin hot in hurr

.. so take off all your clothes! ( no seriously I wish it was appropriate to wear a bikini to work) . The Northeast is gettin a little  heat wave this week…. Let’s just hope my office doesn’t go out of power again tomorrow so the AC actually works!


There is literally a layer of gray smog in the air in NYC today and between the garbage and the sweaty pedestrians : the city just SMELLS.

I needed some relief, but for dinner  I only had one goal  : to get as FAR AWAY FROM THE OVEN & STOVE as possible. I have some awesome veggies I was itching to cook ( like some kale chips!) but I could not fathom turning on any heating appliance in my studio apartment. So I went up to my rooftop and grilled… the only area where I can cook and the smoke and heat could dissipate .

The result : The best burgers ever!

Ingredients : 
1 lb grassfed ground beef 

1 handful basil leaves, diced

1/2 bell pepper diced

2 eggs

1/2 cup almond meal

2-4 giant butter lettuce leaves


In a bowl, whisk together the 2 eggs. Pat the almond meal flat down on a small plate. With your hands, take a handful of the groundbeef about the size of your first. Stuff the basil and bell pepper pieces in to the beef with your fingers, a loot like making a meat ball!  Then dip the beef clump into the egg, flip to cover both sides, then plop onto the plate of almond meal, and flip it so the meal covers both sides. Crush the meat some more so that everything is mixed in a little and pat the meat down into a patty form and set on a plate. Repeat for 2-3 patties, depending on how big your burgers are.

I then grilled these babies about 2 -3 min each side.

Now for the condiments ( cause let’s face it – that’s the best part!)

1 ) Abraham’s Roasted Red Pepper Hummos. Seriously SO good and Canola oil free & onion free – which is surprisingly so hard to find.

Hands down the best hummos I've ever tasted!

2 ) Dijon “Country mustard” for a little kick

3 ) Hot sauce of choice  : my fave is “Texas Champagne” which is pure cayenne pepper & vinegar

Once you spread all the condiments on delicious burger patty, wrap in 1 or 2 butter lettuce leaves and enjoy!

Seriously amazing. I have never put hummos on a burger before and now I am questioning how I ever lived.

I ate this alongside some delicious finds from my beloved CSA . Getting fresh fruit, veggies  & eggs straight from an organic farmer isn’t just better for the environment, it tastes better too! The freshness is unbelievable.

These beautiful fuzzy peaches came off the tree YESTERDAY:

In season - fresh this week!

These cucumbers were just picked still with dirt all over them C

Cukes with tons of seeds are the JAM

This morning when the alarm went off telling me it’s time for my workout,  I just wasn’t feelin it. The amount of tricks I played on myself was unreal, but eventually I made it to the gym.  Whenever I haven’t pre planned a workout my fallbacks are always core workouts ( my fave) and pushups.

So here we go :
10 min warmup run @ 6.7 mph

10 min run where every minute i increased the speed by 0.2 mph

Then 3 rounds : 

20 pushups

20 russian twists with 25 lb weight

20 single – leg deadlifts  ( 10 each leg)  – focus on balance

1 minute plank alternating leg

1 minute side plank ( each side)

After that, I was so sweaty that I was sticking to the ground as I foam rolled. Gross, i know. All in all, I was in and out in 40 minutes, which is the only amount of time I could spend at the gym before being seriously late for work.

Question : What do you eat for dinner when the weather is hot? I need some no-cooking dinner ideas ( besides a salad!) 


5 thoughts on “It’s gettin hot in hurr

  1. Lauren @ WWoB

    I havent had hummus on a burger yet, but I have beef thawing in the fridge, so soon, very very soon!
    I bookmarked this post for both the recipe and the workout. You should definitely post more workouts (at least for meeee)!


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