About Me


I’m Melissa, I live in Manhattan and I work for an awesome mobile startup.  I’m a long-distance runner turned crossfitter, I love to eat paleo, but really I just love my life.

I believe:

– That fitness should be fun. Do what you enjoy, and do it often.
–  That waking up every morning and feeling amazing is and should be a life-time goal. Your choices in life should help you reach it
– In smiling. The positivity you put in the world will return to you.
– That fitness isn’t everything. Life is a balancing act. Pursue ALL your passion regardless how different they may be.
– That cooking meals together at home is the best way to bond
– Savoring that feeling you get when you set a PR. It is unrivaled

– Enjoying life.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me! melissasimson@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Lauren @ WWoB

    I love your outlook on fitness and health – high intensity and weight training is definitely where its at. I have been meaning to try cross fit for so long, I think this summer I will finally get to it! I am so glad you started a blog – I will be following from here on out 🙂 I remember always seeing you running around St Stephens and doing various athletic things!


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